ETCA provides Turkish courses in order to contribute to recently rising economic, social, cultural, scientific, and relationships between Egypt and Turkey.

Courses are provided in spacious classrooms by using Gökkuşağı Turkish Learning Kit, which has given succsessful results in Turkish Teaching. The classes take on a realistic Turkey environment through the expressions and contributions of experienced Turkish teachers.

ETCA also gives the opportunity of practicing the language by trips inside Egypt and in Turkey, and intensive summer courses. In addition, cinema days, soccer tournaments and Turkish conversation days are organized to provide further out-of-class practice.

Turkish (6-13 students) 36 hrs
In Class, 1 Level – Students
In Class, 1 Level – Others
One to one tutoring
Two people tutoring
Three people tutoring
Four people tutoring
Level Examination
Gökkuşağı Turkish Teaching Set (Course Book + Work book + 3 CD + 2 small books)
Mısır'da Türkçe Öğren

Mısır’da Türkçe Öğren

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